Tanque Livre is a company specialized in technical cleansing of industrial tanks, silos and facilities on vessels and platforms. We cover all the state of Rio de Janeiro duly licensed and working according to legislation and the norms of QSMS.

 We own equipment from certified, top manufacturers in the segments of exhaustion, gas, bombs and safety, which grant us the confidence to begin and conclude our operationson schedule and at simultaneous capacity or in two shifts.

Our duly, continuously trainedteam is composed of:


Safety engineer

Professional who is responsible for the internal commission of accident prevention and the general prevention of risks to the health and life of workers,for administering and verifying safety in the industrial environment, andfor theinspection and issuingof technical reports.

Safety technician

Professional who is responsible for the development and execution of the daily safety dialog, for the control and use of PPE, and for the opening, closure and control of documents relevant to the operation and its monitoring.


Professional who is responsible for the environmental-control plan.

Chemistry technician

Professional who is responsible for the control of chemical compounds which may be used in the operations, and for issuing cleansing anddisinfection certificates for potable water tanks.

Entry supervisor

Professional who is responsible for the elimination of accidents and other undesired events, and for managingthe consequences of events that may occur.

Surveillants (watches)

Professionals who remain outside the work area and are responsible forsurveilling the area and for guaranteeing the communication and the follow up of orders of dismissal to employees.

Rescue specialists

Professionals who are responsible forimplementing emergency procedures and rescue when necessary.


Professionals who are responsible for coordinating and implementing the execution and mobilization of the operations.

Operating personnel

Trained professionals who execute the operations.


Personnel trained according to the NR33 / NR35 and the correct use of PPE.